Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger has warned new signing, Jose Antonio Reyes, that he need to quickly adapt to the physical demands of the English game.

“Jose got a good view of the physical challenge that you get in England from the game against Middlesbrough,” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger told reporters on Friday.

“He will have to get used to that quickly because we get that every week. When you are at a big club every match is like a Cup Final and you cannot relax in any single game.

“That is quite hard to understand, especially if you come from a smaller side like Seville. But at a club like Arsenal you cannot have a weak day, it is not possible. The commitment of the opposition is always evident because they give absolutely everything against us.

“We want him to adapt, but we are not going to kill him in training to get him used to it. We don’t want to send him to hospital just to prepare him for what might happen.

“It is a process that takes time and you never know how long it will be. Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Robert Pires all took a while to adapt, but then it becomes normal.”