Arsene Wenger, manager of Premiership paces setters Arsenal, has aired his concerns about FIFA devaluing football with tournaments like the Club World Championship.

Sepp Blatter has expressed his desire to reintroduce the competition in 2005 and Wenger is concerned.

“I feel it’s like tennis when you have too many competitions without any worry of quality and the interest of the people is decreased,” he said.

The Frenchman refused to confirm whether Arsenal would accept an invitation for the Club World Championship, if as has been proposed, the competition takes place in July 2005.

“The only interest is financial, it’s not sport. For one simple reason – the best players all play in Europe and the Club World Championship has less interest than the Champions League,” declared Wenger.

“In Brazil in 2000, when an Australian team played against Manchester United, there was no one in the stadium as they didn’t find it interesting.

“So we might consider it purely for financial reasons but the responsibility of FIFA is to keep the level of football high and always try to push it higher.

“What people enjoy is to see the best play against the best.

“It’s happening in the Champions League, but it wouldn’t happen in the Club World Championship.”