After weeks of criticism from the media Germany coach Jurgen Klinsmann hopes that hs side’s 4-1 win over the United States will earn him some breathing space.

“This win will allow us to carry on in the next few weeks in a much calmer atmosphere,” Klinsmann told reporters after the game.

Klinsmann refused to get carried away by the margin of victory against an understrength US team.

“The 4-1 defeat in Italy was not as bad as some people said it was and this 4-1 victory against the United States may not be as good as some people will say,” said Klinsmann.

“We have a good team, we’re full of energy, we have the crowd behind us and we’re playing in our home country.

However, the pressure for Klinsmann is sure to intensify in the run up to the World Cup, not least as a result of his decision to remain based in the United States in the run-up to the finals.

Top-selling German newspaper Bild, was quick to remind readers that Klinsmann, who has been commuting to California in between matches, would be returning to the United States on Sunday.

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