It is located in a cool mountainous region in the state of Rio de Janeiro, on the edge of the Serra dos Orgaos National Park.

The centre has been used by the Brazilian team and their women’s team for several years, but has recently been extensively renovated prior to Luis Felipe Scolari’s team staying there during the World Cup.

The Granja Comary complex includes five football pitches as well as a 39-suite hotel that includes, amongst other facilities, a barbers shop!

The host nation kick off the tournament with a short 30-minute flight to Sao Paulo to play Croatia. They then move north to Fortaleza for their second game against Mexico, a distance of 1,556 miles and a flying time of 2 hours 40 minutes.

They complete the group in Brasilia against Cameroon, an 814-mile trip, taking 1 hour 38 minutes in the air.