Most World Cup coaches have requested that the deadline for naming World Cup squads be pushed back from mid-May until shortly before the tournament starts.

UEFA president Lennart Johansson said there was considerable backing for the May 15 deadline shifting to late May or early June. The tournament starts on June 9.

“We know the wishes from the coaches,” he said. “It will be discussed in the coming fortnight before we make a final decision on March 16.”

Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira backed the suggestion, arguing that the extra time would give him the opportunity to change his squad if any of his players pick up injuries after the deadline.

“We are in favour of releasing the lists at the end of May or beginning of June,” Parreira said.

“We hope the committee will decide this.

“It will not harm the competition. It will not infringe on anything.

“It will help all the teams to make a smooth transition. It will help the game,” added said. “I myself and most of the coaches are in favour of it.”

Johannson, who is a FIFA vice-president, said the message from the coaches came through clearly in Duesseldorf.

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