Did Lionel Messi really snub Barcelona coach?

Lionel Messi admitted he was unhappy at being substituted during Barcelona’s 4-1 win over Real Sociedad, but refutes media suggestions that he deliberately snubbed Martino as he was taken off.

“I didn’t mean to make any gesture when Martino took me off,” Messi said on his official Facebook page.

“Nobody likes to be out, but we must accept it because it is the best for our team. What I will not accept is that certain media tell lies about any situation that happens around me.”

The Argentinian appeared discontent after being replaced, but the head coach insists that his decision was made in the best interest of the player and the club in the long term.

“Messi never wants to be subbed off, but it’s my task to take care of him,” Martino told reporters after the match.

“We need him at end of season as well as now. My way of thinking won’t change, I repeated the whole time how I want to play, maybe this game helps some to see things clearer.

Here’s the moment when Messi was withdrawn.