As West Ham bid farewell to Upton Park tonight against Manchester Utd, the horizon looks very bright and prosperous for the Hammers.

The club have announced a record number of season tickets being sold after the move to the Olympic Stadium, and this income, coupled with new lucrative television deal will enable West Ham to bring in a top striker, according to co-owner David Sullivan.

The club have been linked to a host of stars, including Belgium duo Christian Benteke and Maseille’s Michy Batshuayi; and also Alexandre Lacazette and Arsenal’s Theo Walcott.

Sullivan confirmed to Sky Sports that the club have made a €30m bid for a striker player based in France, and they will also launch another bid for a player based in England.

“We are hopefully going to bring one or two top players in. The Olympic Stadium gives us about £12m extra revenue a year, but not £100m,” he said.

“We put in a bid today for €30m (£23.7m) for a player and other bids will be going in. We are going to make a £20m or £25m bid for a player in England this week. So whatever happens, we’ll bring a top striker in.

“It’s a statement of intent. We’ll spend between £30m-£50m on transfers this summer. But you’ve got to build it up gradually. You can’t compete with the likes of Manchester United overnight.

“We might have to put our own money in – we’ve done it before – but we hope we’re clever enough for the €30m bid.”