Uefa is set to tell Liverpool later today whether they can defend their Champions League title.

The Uefa executive commitee has already held a phone conference on the matter and will now inform the club of their decision.

According to reports, Liverpool will be offered a place in the qualifying rounds, giving the Premiership five teams in next season’s competition.

If Liverpool fail in their bid to defend the trophy they will particpate in next season’s Uefa Cup.

It is not clear, however, which qualifying round Liverpool would go into, if a place is awarded and there are concerns about fixture congestion whatever stage they enter.

The first qualifying round first leg would be on 12 or 13 July, with the second legs on 19 or 20 July. That would mean the Anfield club cancelling their scheduled friendlies against Bayer Leverkusen and Cologne.

If Liverpool then play in the second round they would have to cancel a potentially lucrative pre-season tour of Japan.

Uefa has insisted the European champions have not yet not guaranteed a place.

Uefa director of communications William Gaillard said: “There are some divergent opinions. There are some people who see that the rules are the rules.

“If everyone was in favour, then I’m sure they would have taken the decision earlier.

“It is a matter for negotiation still.”

Uefa president Lennart Johansson favours Liverpool’s right to defend the trophy.

“I trust it will be a decision that will be accepted by all parties,” Johansson told BBC Radio 4.

“We have the ambition, on the one hand, to give Liverpool the opportunity to defend their title but, on the other hand, we need to make sure no-one suffers from such a decision.

“In my opinion, Liverpool should be in from the very beginning – they will have to go through all the competition.

“But I want people to know they are free to have their own opinion.

“We have a situation that was unforeseen. Consequently we have to make a decision about the future and then deal with Liverpool.”