Jerome Valcke has admitted that Brazil may not be “totally ready” for the start of the 2014 World Cup because of continuing building delays.

The stadiums in Porto Alegre and São Paulo are still not finished whilst work continues to take place at other venues.

The tournament is due to start on 12 June but Valcke insisted there is “no way” that fixtures will be postponed.

“If you want me to summarise, we are not ready,” he said, somewhat bluntly.

“We have two stadiums where there is still work to do,” said the Frenchman.

“Maybe there will be things which will not be totally ready at the beginning of the World Cup, but the most important thing for the 32 teams is the training camp and fields.”

“All of this will be there to ensure you have football,” added Valcke, sounding more hopeful than expectant.