Aberdeen look set to be the first of several clubs to introduce a performance-related pay structure.

Many clubs in the Scottish league have been hit hard by the financial crisis in football and have been toying with the idea of such a scheme as a way of tackling spiralling wages and transfer fees.

“We have been studying performance-related pay schemes for three or four years and we want to go down that road,” explained Stewart Milne, the Dons chairman.

“Less and less money will be guaranteed for players with more depending on if they are in the squad, in the team, results, crowd levels and league position.”

Milne said he felt that there is now a realisation by clubs that they have to operate in a different way than in the past and that changes such as these will be necessary.

He insisted that players will be consulted, but wants a system that is tied as much as possible to the turnover of the club.

“Football is in a different sphere now from five or six years ago,’ Milne continued.

“We have been spending far more than we are earning as clubs and it cannot be sustained.”