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Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson has lambasted agent Colin Gordon after he claimed bungs were rife in football.

Gordon, agent for England coach and former Boro boss Steve McClaren, described some agents as “scum of the earth”.

But Gibson hit back, claiming Gordon had attempted to lure McClaren away from the club in 2002 when a vacancy at Leeds United materialised.

He said: “As a club we’re absolutely furious with Colin Gordon trying to claim he’s somehow whiter than white.”

“I don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, but Colin Gordon has to be exposed for what he is. I just don’t believe what he is saying.”

“I was about to board a flight to Europe when I picked up the Sunday newspapers and saw headlines saying ‘McClaren to Leeds’.

“I spoke to Peter Ridsdale, then the Leeds chairman, and he said to me that Colin Gordon was perpetually on the telephone trying to move McClaren to Leeds.

“McClaren had a five-year contract with us and was one year into that deal after we’d backed him to the hilt in the transfer market.

“I got McClaren in and read him the riot act and said to him that his agent’s conduct was a disgrace and that I no longer wanted Colin Gordon involved in any aspect of the football club.

“As far as I was concerned, Colin Gordon was totally and absolutely barred from our football club, he wasn’t allowed on the premises and I would deal with McClaren through McClaren himself.

“That was how it was when it came to extending McClaren’s contract – I dealt with him directly and wouldn’t have anything to do with Key Sports and nothing to do with Colin Gordon.

“I told McClaren that Colin Gordon was bringing the club into disrepute and that his relationship [with him] was such that he was putting his own integrity on the line. Steve said he would rein Gordon in.”

England coach Steve McClaren’s agent Colin Gordon has been banned by Middlesbrough for the last five years, according to the English Premiership club’s chief executive Keith Lamb.

Gordon admitted to The Sun newspaper: “My relationship with Steve Gibson (Middlesbrough chairman) broke down and I’m sad it happened – but that’s life.

“As for the ban, that’s news to me but I do accept the relationship broke down. My company still represents Boro players and I’m proud of the relationship my employee in that area has with Keith Lamb.”

Gordon has also been criticised by the Association of Football Agents (AFA), who are looking for an apology and a retraction from the agent.

A statement from the AFA’s head Mel Stein read: “The Association have read the statement made by Colin Gordon with great regret and disbelief.

“The Association and our members consider the statements made by Mr Gordon to be not only reckless and inappropriate but also potentially defamatory and are considering their position in that respect.

“They will be contacting Mr Gordon personally to seek a retraction and an apology.”

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