UEFA chief executive Gerhard Aigner has stated that any attempt by clubs to set up a breakaway European Super League was doomed to failure as the venture would lack credibility.

‘Money attracts people who don’t have a sporting spirit, who talk about shareholders and profit but don’t know anything about football and only think of their own interest,’ he told French sports daily l’Equipe in an interview.

‘The presence of the European Union led some to the idea of leaving the national context.

‘A few clubs, who monopolise success, are looking for a new territory and dream of a European league. That’s our problem,’ Aigner added.

However, Aigner claims that any attempt at a breakaway would founder on the issue of credibility.

‘That’s our main asset,’ he added. ‘The absence of trust or credibility are deadly in sport.

‘I personally believe that the national context, national competitions are essential because that’s what the public is interested in.

‘The interest is national, sometimes even regional. That’s what makes history,’ Aigner said.

‘In meetings between clubs from different countries, there is no tradition,’ he added.