Atletico Madrid are looking to postpone Sunday’s Primera Liga match against Valencia as more members of the team succumb to gastro-enteritis.

At least 14 Atletico players are suffering from the illness which led to the postponement of Wednesday’s King’s Cup tie with Real Zaragoza.

“We are falling one by one,” Atletico midfielder Gabi told a news conference on Thursday, after retiring early from the morning’s training session.

“Fernando (Torres) and Luis (Perea) went down with it last night and Maxi (Rodriguez) has caught it today.

“We are all suffering and to continue playing when we are so weak would not be good for us.”

Five players missed training on Thursday with the illness.

The club can request a postponement of the Valencia game if they are unable to field a full first team.

Club medical staff said the problem could have been caused by food poisoning or perhaps by a viral infection.

“We have no idea what has caused it,” Gabi added. “We all ate different things at dinner and even some of those who did not eat that dinner have gone down with it.”

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