Nicolas Anelka has declared that he will never play for France again.

The 23-year-old was called-up last year as a late replacement for the friendly international against Yugoslavia, but Anelka turned down the invitation and has now closed the door on a possible return to the French team.

‘For me the French team belongs to the past,’ Anelka said.

‘I was relieved to say it in November and that’s over.

‘I missed out on the World Cup twice and it did not kill me.’

Anelka also claims that his decision to retire pre-dates last year’s call-up by Jacques Santini.

‘Nothing was decided in a rush,’ he told

‘My decision had been well thought.

‘It was clear for me that if I was called up I would not come. I did not want to create mayhem, I just wanted the fans to understand me and I think they did.

‘I have absolutely nothing against the French team, neither the players who are my friends for the most part, but I just could not stand how things were.

‘I was logical with myself. I don’t say that I am the best player in the world but what I don’t like is that things were never clear.

‘Either I am called up and that’s sincere, or it’s a definite no and that’s clear.

‘There was a huge ambiguity, like often with me anyway. I felt here was an embarrassment, a strange feeling, a sort of hypocrisy.’