Nicholas Anelka appears to have escaped a FIFA ban for refusing to play for France in a friendly against Yugoslavia.

The French Football Federation (FFF) had called for the player to be given a two match ban, but the failure of the FFF to adhere to FIFA’s regulations which state that a player must be given 15 days notice of his selection – offers Anelka an escape route.

“As at (Tuesday) afternoon, no formal complaint has been received yet, so there is nothing to act upon,” said FIFA spokesman Nicholas Maingot.

The FFF are now relying upon the English FA to act against Anelka but it is highly unlikely they would wish to initiatea potentially costly club versus country conflict.

Meanwhile, France manager Jacques Santini expressed his unhappiness with Anelka..

‘I have two main feelings on the matter,’ saiid Sanntini. ‘The first is incomprehension and the second is huge disappointment.

“I held back on my comments because I still hoped he would come.

“But he didn’t contact us any further,” said Santini.