Spain coach Luis Aragones is confident his side’s technical superiority will prevail in their World Cup playoff against Slovakia.

“In terms of technique we are amongst the top four or five teams in Europe and that’s why I want to make sure we have the ball for as long as possible,” Aragones said.

“The longer we have the ball the better. All we have to do is make sure that when we create chances we put them away.

“The experience I have as a coach makes me feel confident that I’ve given the players the tools they need and now it’s down to them to do the rest.

“It’s vital that we play at a high tempo in the first 15 minutes,” he added.

“The support of the fans is going to be important and it could be a worry if we don’t get an early goal as they might begin to get a bit restless.”

Aragones said he was convinced his side would qualify for their eighth consecutive World Cup.

“They are a small country that has been improving their football and they are here with a chance of qualifying for the World Cup,” he said.

“Physically they are very fit and although they may not be the most attractive side to watch, the few things they do, they do well. They are particularly dangerous on the break.

“But I hope and know that we are going to win. Spain have qualified for every World Cup for the last 30 years and it is very important that we do it again.”

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