Arsenal have played reports they are considering a breakaway from the Premiership to join a European Super League.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was reported to have issued the breakaway threat in response to the creation of ‘Mickey Mouse’ tournaments such as the Confederations Cup, which, he argued, which left his players tired

But a club spokesman said: ‘There is categorically no truth that Arsenal has ever contemplated quitting the Premier League.

‘We are the current champions of the best league in the world.’

Wenger told the News of the World: ‘We have to stop these tournaments with no interest and in which players don’t want to play.

‘Germany, Italy and Spain all refused to play in this Mickey Mouse cup. But France will play New Zealand – and that’s really exciting!

‘If we don’t deal with these problems there’s going to be a split, I’ve no doubts about it. Clubs will end up refusing to release their players.

‘The G-14 – the alliance of Europe’s biggest clubs – now has 18 members, and with 18 teams we could create a new League. This threat is not virtual, it is real.’

The Confederations Cup in June features France, Brazil, Colombia, Cameroon, Japan, USA, New Zealand and Turkey and runs from June 18-29. Arsenal, with a significant French and Brazilian presence in their squad, would suffer more than most with players attending what Wenger believes to be a meaningless tournament.

‘If I give them five weeks off after that they come back in August without thepreparation and I’m sacrificing Arsenal’s start to the new season.’