Atletico Paranese have stated that they will not sell World Cup winner Kleberson to either of the English Premiership sides interested in signing him, unless the clubs are prepared to pay his full market value.

Leeds and Newcastle submitted bids for the 23-year-old midfielder, but Atletico club president Mario Petraglia said both clubs’ valuation of the World Cup winner fell short of what they were demanding.

“These clubs come here and think they can sign Kleberson for a few pennies,” said Petraglia.

“This won’t happen. If the price isn’t right, Kleberson will continue to train here and play for Atletico Paranaense and the Brazil national team.”

Petraglia said Leeds offered $5.6 million for the midfielder but that sum was not high enough and talks broke down.

Petraglia added Newcastle initially suggested they may offer eight million dollars but in the end wanted a loan deal for $1.5 million with an option to buy.

“A world champion does not go on loan,” Petraglia continued. “The World Cup last year was a sufficient test of his abilities.”

Meanwhile, Newcastle chairman Freddie Shepherd claimed Atletico’s demands were simply unrealsistic in the present economic climate.

“Foreign clubs must come into the real world,” Shepherd said.

“The Premier League is no longer a soft touch for them to make money. The Brazilians seem to think that Europe is cash-laden and they can take advantage. But the silly days are gone. The bottom has fallen out of the transfer market.”