Soccer Australia has officially cancelled their proposed friendly with Argentina at the end of March.

Remo Nogarotto, chairman of Soccer Australia pulled out of the game due to problems finding a match sponsor.

“Soccer Australia is not in a position to run games to lose money,” he said.

“At the end of the day we couldn’t find somebody to underwrite the game.”

Earlier this week, English first division club Reading had announced that Australia would entertain Argentina at their Madejski stadium on 30 March and Cameroon on 30 April.

But Stefan Kamasz, Soccer Australia’s chief executive denied the dates had been confirmed and set a 48-hour deadline to agree the proposal.

In a further complication, Hector Dominguez of the Argentinean FA admitted that they had not sought authorisation from the English FA in time for the game to be played.

The Australians will now aim to play a game in either September or October.