Barcelonahave revealed that they plan to name name a successor to Louis van Gaal before Saturday.

Javier Perez Farguell, the club’s general manager, confirmed an announcement was imminent.

“We will have made a decision before Saturday,” he told the Marca.

“Everyone at the club knows we have to take a decision rapidly to improve the situation.”

Van Gaal left Tuesday after just eight months in charge at the Nou Camp.

Meanwhile, Carles Rexach, Van Gaal’s predecessor was made caretaker manager for the time being. But he was adamant that a permanent successor was needed at Barcelona if the club was to get back on track.

“We need to solve the problem once and for all and not just go for a stop gap. If we decide I take over the job, it’ll have to be until the end of the season, whatever happens,” he told Barcelona’s official web site.

“Whoever takes over has to be certain that they can turn things round. Right now, I’m not the new manager,”he said.

“I need to think it through. I know the club, the players and the atmosphere surrounding the institution and I’ve lived through plenty of things here as a player and as a manager.”

‘The president stuck with van Gaal as long as he could, but in the end there was just too much pressure on them both. It’s not a pleasant thing to happen and I feel bad about it all,” Rexach said.

“We’ve got plenty enough talent in the squad, but we have to show we can react when the going gets tough.”