Officials from Bayern Munich have pleaded with the German media to lay off goalkeeper Oliver Kahn.

Kahn has been vilified in the German press for having an affair with a barmaid while his wife was pregnant. But the Bayern coach Ottmarr Hitzfeld and the club’s commercial manager Uli Hoeness have asked the media to allow the keeper to concentrate on his football.

“It is dramatic how things have already come to a head. He is being treated almost like a hardened criminal,” said Hitzfeld.

“I am already worried that Kahn cannot put up with it for much longer.

“I just hope he can manage to carry on concentrating on football while having important discussions at home.”

Hoeness meanwhile, called for the media to end their witch-hunt of Kahn.

“We have other problems in our society to worry about. What happened to Oliver Kahn is not a problem,” said Hoeness.

“Is it really necessary that five camera teams are waiting every morning in front of the hospital where his wife is staying?”

“It is in the best interests of Bayern Munich that we keep Kahn out of the firing line.”