David Beckham has admitted that he is considering his future at Real Madrid after complaining of the press attention devoted to his children.

The England captain said the Spanish paparazzi who had “crossed the line” by targeting his children when they were at school.

“I’ve had a couple of incidents in the last two weeks that have really made me sit back and think,” he said.

“I love playing for Real Madrid, I love Spain and the fans have been incredible but what I get over there I’ve not had anywhere else in the world.”

I was working and Victoria was looking after our baby boy, Cruz. Brooklyn was going to a football school but then the paparazzi turned up, started harassing him and chased him into the school. This is a six-year-old little boy I’m talking about and, for me, that is crossing the line. Brooklyn was scared; he was definitely affected by it.

“Another weekend we had our other son, Romeo, at his nursery school with the paparazzi camped outside taking pictures of him playing with the other kids. Again, that’s crossing the line.

“I’m at the point where I don’t know what to do. Victoria and myself have always accepted we’re in the limelight and that people are going to want to take pictures of us. But when it comes to your children being out on their own and getting harassed? They should be allowed to go to primary school, nursery school or football school and be left alone. But they’re not and it’s becoming a big problem for me.”

Despite the unwanted attention, Beckham said he had no plans to retire.

“I love my children and I love my wife,” he added. “[But] if I gave in to some of the things that have happened during my career I would be giving in to these people. But when it crosses the line, as it has done with my sons, I really don’t know what to do.”

The problem for Beckham if he leaves Madrid will be finding a club who are willing to pay his wage demands and can compete at the highest level.