David Beckham is reported to be looking for a full apology from Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson after a clash between the pair left the England captain needing two stitches above his left eye.

Beckham was left needing stitches after the United boss kicked a boot into the England captain’s face following the 0-2 defeat to Arsenal at the weekend. Beckham is said to have “reacted furiously” before being restrained by his team-mates.

According to a report in today’s Guardian, Beckham believes Ferguson’s behaviour to be “seriously out of order” – not only for the attack, but also for the lack of remorse Ferguson has shown shown.

Ferguson allegedly singled out Beckham for his performance on Saturday, blaming Arsenal’s second goal on the midfielder’s slack marking. Before kicking the boot,it is reported that he shouted at the players: “You’re supposed to be international footballers. You should be in a pub team.”

Yesterday, Ferguson attempted to play down the incident.

“It happens all the time in a dressing room. You get upset,” he said.

“This was one of those freak acts of nature and it’s over now. It was a freak occurrence that will never happen again.”

This is not the first time the pair have clashed. Two years ago, Ferguson dropped Beckham from a game at Leeds because he had missed a training session, citing an illness to his son Brooklyn.

Ferguson subsequently questioned the player’s attitutde, suggesting Beckham’s celebrity lifestyle might be having a detrimental effect on his performances. The United manager also fined Beckham in 1999 for attending a party in London on the eve of a Champions League tie against Sturm Graz in Austria.