Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has played down talk of a rift with Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho after the pair did not shake hands after the Community Shield match.

“I was focusing on my team and my supporters and maybe he was thinking about his team and his supporters,” said Benitez after Liverpool’s 2-1 win.

“For me, it is not a problem. I am not thinking about this.”

Mourinho said: “Football is 90 minutes. If we shake hands, if we kiss, do you think that is important?”

I was on the pitch from the last whistle until the moment Liverpool received the cup. I was there the whole time.”

The pair did not shake hands after last season’s FA Cup semi-final, which Liverpool also won.

“He decided not to shake hands in the last game and this time he was behind me and he did not say anything,” added Benitez.