Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez is looking for revenge when Liverpool meet Chelsea in the all-Premiership Champions League semi-final.

Liverpool went through after a goalless draw against Juventus in Turin gave them a 2-1 aggregate win.

He said: “We have lost three times to Chelsea this season, but we have also almost won three times in two league games and in the Carling Cup final.

“We need to learn from those games and take confidence. I am very proud.”

“I am delighted for everyone, and that was a result for our supporters.”

Benitez reserved particular praise for Xabi Alonso, playing in his first game since 1 January.

“We needed a player who could keep the ball and give good passes, and he had a very good game.”

Defender Jamie Carragher is another looking for revenge against Chelsea, warning: “We’ll be desperate to beat them.

“All the games we’ve played against them have been very tight so hopefully it will go our way.”

“We’ve had a history of being one of the top teams in Europe and getting to the semi-finals of the Champions League is where the club needs to be every season. We need to get into these type of situations.

“Juventus are a top team and we were playing against some top players.

“We knew they would have good chances but I think they had more chances at Anfield, Zlatan Ibrahimovic missed in the first half and then I don’t know how Fabio Cannavaro’s header stayed out, but besides that we kept them out well.

“You’ve got to keep it tight. It gives you more belief to get to half-time at 0-0, it’s little stages all the time, and in the end we got to the final whistle.”

Juventus coach Fabio Capello felt that his team deserved a draw.

“Obviously it is a painful defeat, not just for me but for everyone at the club because getting to the end of the Champions League is very important to this club,” he said.

“I have to congratulate Rafa, tactically he was clever. He decided to play very defensively but his team followed his plans very well.

“They left us very little room to work in, there was hardly any chances and Liverpool were excellent in the way they played.”

“It wasn’t true what was said prior to this game that Liverpool were weaker than our previous opponents Real Madrid.

“They confirmed they are a very strong team, unbeatable in the air, they deserved to go through because they defended the result they achieved in the opening leg and we did nothing.

“Obviously it is disappointing because to go as far as possible in the Champions League was the objective for both me and the club.

“I did all I could, I put out the team that I considered appropriate but Liverpool defended well. We had no space.

“I think a draw would have been a fair result in both games but I have to congratulate Rafael Benitez, because it’s his team that have gone through.

“Had Zlatan Ibrahimovic been able to score in the first half obviously it would have made it much easier.”