Fiorentina president Diego Della Valle has criticised Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi following the decision to block the reform of football television rights.

The proposed reform to the law which would have ensured a more equitable distribution of television revenue, was vetoed in parliament by Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party.

“Berlusconi must take his hands off football – it doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to Italians,” Della Valle said of the Italian premier who also owns Serie A club Milan.

“He has used politics to stop something with all his parliamentary force and that’s very serious.

“It shows he wants to control football for the good of Mediaset. This is intolerable.”

Delle Valle believes the money should be distributed more equally with the league returning to a collective deal.

Currently the top teams in Serie A – Juventus, Milan and Inter – take the majority of television money.

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