Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says he will employ “drastic measures” in a crackdown on violence in Italy’s football grounds.

Berlusconi, who also owns Milan, met Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu a day after the abandonment of Inter’s Champions League match against rivals Milan.

Berlusconi’s office issued a statement warning: “There is a clear risk of even more serious incidents in future, a risk which must be avoided by all possible means.

“Premier Berlusconi urged the interior minister to maintain the firm line that has been taken for some time, with particular reference to preventative measures.

“However, resorting to the most drastic measures available should not be ruled out if necessary.”

Tuesday’s scenes, which saw Miloan keeper hit by a flare and the pitch littered witgh missiles thrown by Inter fans, were only the latest to shame Italian football.

At the weekend, Lazio fans brandished swastika flags during a Serie A game against Livorno and there was crowd trouble at several grounds around the country.