Birmingham owner David Sullivan has confirmed that he is keen for French striker Christophe Dugarry to stay at St Andrews.

Dugarry, who has helped secure the Blues Premiership safety since arriving in January, has been described by Birmingham boss Steve Bruce as the best player to ever play for the club.

“He’s 31 and has done everything in the world. He’s won a World Cup winners medal. He’s done the lot,” said Sullivan.

“We can do no more than make him feel wanted. He believes if he stays in England then it is 95% certain he will stay with Birmingham City.

“It’s just whether he stays in England. He may decide to return home.

“But another few thousand pounds a week is not going to make any difference. He is a wealthy man and is on a colossal salary with Birmingham City.

“It is not a question of money. It is a question of where he wants to be with his life. He is a bit like Eric Cantona. He is a law unto himself, but a lovely man.

“I think he should stay with Birmingham City. In just three months, the public have taken to him and love him. He knows he is our star player and that is something very important to a player.

“He knows he is going to be in the starting line-up. He knows he has got a manager he can talk to. He respects Steve Bruce very much.

“Yes, he’s got a fantastic offer from us, but it’s about where he wants to be for the next few years – and we hope it is Birmingham City.

“If it’s not, the club is bigger than us all and we’ll go and find someone else who will score goals for us.”