FIFA president Sepp Blatter is interested in the idea of using two referees in matches in the near future.


A number of officials have come under scrutiny at the World Cup with several high-profile incidents detracting from the tournament.

Blatter believes the introduction of a second referee will help eradicate mistakes and reduce controversy.

“At the beginning there was a reluctance to consider the system,” Blatter said.

“Then we had tests conducted in Malaysia and Sao Paulo, Brazil, with encouraging results, but an unsatisfactory reaction in Norway and Italy.

“But now we are facing a situation in the game where the pace is such that we must ask if there should be a further experiment.

“We observe the situation in ice hockey, for instance, with two referees and two assistants on a much smaller arena,” Blatter said. “And they have no (personality) clashes with the players because they know the game.”