FIFA President Sepp Blatter has rejected Nigeria’s plan to co-host the 2010 World Cup, describing the proposal a unfeasible.

Niogeria hoped to submit a plan to co-host the tournament with with Ghana, Togo, Cameroon and Benin Republic.

“This idea of Nigeria is not feasible,” Blatter was quoted as saying by the BBC.

“Even if there is to be a co-hosting, which would be in exceptional circumstances, there will only be one organising committee.

“But we will not consider this idea, as the other countries are not candidates.”

“We had co-hosting for the last World Cup (in South Korea and Japan),” he said.

“While it was a huge success, it was difficult to organise. I have received no official communication from the Nigeria Football Association onthis idea.”

Blatter confirmed that the 2010 World Cup would take place in Africa for the first time.

“Africa will have this World Cup and nobody will take it away from them,” he said.

“They have the ability to successfully organise the tournament. There are six candidates and one of them will host the World Cup.”

Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and South Africa have also submitted bids to host football’s showpiece event.