FIFA president Seppp Blatter has reiterated his commitment to eliminate racism at stadiums, following an incident at which Ronaldo threw a water bottle at fans for insulting him and his mother.

“Fighting this scourge is one of our most important tasks,” FIFA president Sepp Blatter said in a statement.

“Whether associations, teams or players at each and every level, we all have a duty to ensure that our conduct does not lead to anybody being marginalized.”

Ronaldo was substituted during Sunday’s 1-0 victory over Malaga. He was putting on his jacket when a piece of gum was spit at him and fans racially abused him.

“They insulted me and my mother and I had a bad reaction,” the Brazilian star said.

There has been an upsurge in racist behaviour by Spanish fans this season.

Last month, a referee stopped a game between Malaga and Espanyol because fans were abusing Espanyol’s Cameroon goalkeeper Carlos Kameni. Also, Spain’s frienbdly international with England was tainted by a number of fans making monkey noises at England’s black players.

Blatter said racist actions are prohibited by FIFA and punishable by suspension or expulsion.

“Football has to set an example for others to follow,” he added.