Middlesbrough are poised to release striker Alen Boksic from his contract, the club’s chief executive has revealed.

Boksic has submitted a written request to the Premier League requesting he be allowed to leave before his contract expires on June 30.

“I think over the weekend we will make a decision but I would think that we will grant Alen’swishes and release him from his contract,” Middlesbrough chief executive Keith Lamb told Sky Sports television.

Middlesbrough bought two strikers during the transfer window in January – Michael Ricketts from Bolton and Malcolm Christie from Derby, when it emerged that Boksic was on the verge of announcing his retirement.

“In view of our recent acquisition of strikers I don’t see a problem,” Lamb added.

Although Boksic is understood to be one of the best-paid players in England, Lamb denied that money played a part in discussiions between the parties.

“It’s not a consideration. It’s Alen’s request. We are considering it. He has acted in a reasonable way and I’m sure that we will give him a reasonable response. But it is not about money,” Lamb said.

“Alen is a very nice man and has scored some very importantgoals for the football club.

“Everyone at the club wishes Alen well in the future whatever he chooses to pursue. We will part good friends.”