Leeds midfielder Lee Bowyer has admitted stamping on the head of Malaga midfielder Gerardo.

Bowyer appeared to tread on the Spanish player’s head during Leeds’ 2-1 defeat in last night’s UEFA Cup tie and although the referee booked the player, he took further no action.

UEFA are set to review the incident next week and in the light of his admission,Bowyer can expect to be charged with violent conduct.

Leeds manager Terry Venables that Bowyer could be disciplined by the club.

‘I’ve seen the Bowyer incident now and I’ve spoken to him,’ Venables confirmed.

‘He’s said to me that he did put his foot on his head and if he does that he’s got to be big enough to take responsibility for it. If he’s admitted it himself then he has to take what comes to him.

‘I will be talking further with him tomorrow about it.