Brazil 3rd division club attract 60,000 for match

A remarkable 60,000 turned up for a third division game in Brazil on Sunday, to witness the promotion of Santa Cruz to the country’s Serie B.

The attendance, the highest in Brazil over the weekend, was just the latest amazing display of support by the loyal fans of the Recife-based club.

The club, renowned for their fanatical fanbase, beat Betim 2-1 at Estadio do Arruda to win a playoff 3-1 on aggregate and secure a return to the second division for the first time since 2007. They did, at one point, sink as low as Brazil’s 4th division. But still the fans continued to turn up – an average of 39,000 for their season in Serie D.

To put these figures into perspective, on Sunday, Brazilian title favourites Cruzeiro were watched by fewer than 10,000 for their match against Santos.

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