Hillaren Frederick, the president of the UV Virgin Islands and one of three candidates for the presidency of the Caribbean Football Union, which will be decided on July 23 in Miami, is considering standing aside to give the incumbent Gordon Derrick a free run.

The Antiguan is facing a strong challenge from David John-Williams, president of the Trinidad & Tobago Football FA and Frederick says providing there is no “outside interference” on Saturday he will not stand for the presidency.

Frederick, who is already an executive committee member and is also running for the position of vice president, told World Soccer: “I am not running against Gordon Derrick, I am running with him to be his vice president.

“If something happens to Gordon Derrick, I will be there for him. It depends what happens on Saturday. If Gordon Derrick is running, I will not be.

“I will stand down if there is no outside intervention and give my support to Gordon Derrick.”

Hillaren did not say what “outside intervention” he feared, but said that he had not sought the nominations of any of the three positions he has been nominated for.

“My colleagues who I work with at the CFU know how much I have done in the USVI in the last five years that I have been president and know I am someone who can listen,” added Frederick. “I never sought these nominations, other people put me forward.”

For the first time, Frederick also shed some light on his notorious dual nomination of Trinidadian David Nakhid and Jerome Champagne for the FIFA presidency earlier this year, which broke election rules and disqualified the only Caribbean candidate.

“Myself and the CFU were treated wrong,” said Frederick before going on to explain the course of events.

He said: “On August 15, David Nakhid did a presentation to the CFU in St Martin and told our committee that he wanted their support as the Caribbean candidate.

“He told us that he had at least 11 other countries supporting him. I never spoke to him personally and we decided to give our nomination to Champagne, who we felt was the best candidate.

“Then the day before the election a representative of David Nakhid gave me a call and said we need one more nomination.

“I said ‘why the day before?’ and ‘why the small USVI? I thought you had 11 nominations.’

“I said that we had already nominated someone else, but didn’t say who. We had never done this before so I called the CFU president [Gordon Derrick] and said how many candidates can be nominated? He didn’t know either. In other types of elections you can nominate more than one person.

“So I thought if he needs just one more, they why not and FIFA can come back for clarification. Then it all blew up in the media.

“It was not written in the FIFA statutes but it was an honest mistake. He never reached out to me personally, he just told the press that I was against the Caribbean, which is just not true.”