Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has insisted that the club cannot be blamed for Adrian Mutu taking cocaine.

“I think a professional player has to be aware of what he can do and what he should do,” said Mourinho.

“In our academy, the director has been working very hard to teach this kind of information to the kids because it is as important as technical and tactical aspects.

“I want to teach our kids how to behave as professionals in the future.

“But I am a manger of 24 players and I do not know what they are doing every minute of every day and what they are doing in their private life.

“It is impossible to control it. I see their commitment in training and they are exceptional professionals who can do everything.

“We have a rule book and a rule book means a lot.”

“I think a man or a boy of 21 or so will be the same whether they are footballers, students or a journalist. They all have the same needs and desires and influences.”