Ken Bates has turned down Fulham’s apparent request Chelsea chairman Ken Bates has ruled out the possibility of ground-sharing with west London neighbours Fulham next season.

Bates claims that the state of the Stamford Bridge pitch was his chief concern.

“The pitch we are laying down now is not suitable for 50 games per season, it is only suitable for 25,” Bates explained.

“Chris Gleeson, who is specifically planning the pitch, e-mailed to say if we are ground-sharing withFulham next season then tell me and I can stop this pitch work and redesign it. What do you do if your neighbours are homeless?

“So we said ‘no, we are not sharing’.

“Our œ1.5m facelift or, rather, ground-lift goes ahead as planned.”

Fulham currently ground-share with Second Division QPR at Loftus Road.