Auxerre striker Djibril Cisse has revealed that Liverpool have approached him about the prospect of a move to Anfield.

The French international forward, one of Europe’s hottest striking properties, has been the subject of intense transfer speculation in the last 12 mmonths. s

Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier reportedly met Auxerre’s veteran coach Guy Roux at a Paris hotel this week, fuelling speculation that a move to Anfield is imminent.

“I know nothing about whether I will be Auxerrois next season,’ Cisse admmitted. ‘If I leave, it’s for the better, if I remain, I will continue to play without ulteriormotive.

“But I will not remain more than one year with l’AJA. One thing is for sure, nevertheless, that I will not make a confrontation. I started at Auxerre, and Guy Roux is very kind and I have a deep respect for him.

“Without hesitating, I would say my chosen destination would be England.

“Liverpool have followed me for several years. It is a club I have a great impression of.

“We played them this season, and I was particularly touched by the crowd.

“It is formidable. They never boo the opponents,” he told

“Yet it has no fences around the pitch so, if they wanted to, they could do what they want.

“When I played for France Under-16s, I already had the chance to play at Old Trafford in front of 35,000 spectators. There was so much noise, you could not hear yourself on the field.

“Moreover, when you can add players such as Michael Owen to the team, you can only progress, even if you had less game-time.

“As for Marseille, Liverpool are the only club who has made a concrete approach.

“For the moment, l’OM have not shown themselves, even if I read in the press that this club could be interested.”