Como chairman Enrico Preziosi claims that incompetent refereeing provoked supporters to throw objects on the pitch during yesterday’s match against Udinese, which ultimately led to the game being abandoned.

The Como fans were angry at the decision to award three penalties to Udinese and they brought proceedings to a halt by throwing missiles onto the pitch. After riot police quelled the initial disturbances, the referee tried to resume play, but further missiles led to the match being abandoned.

Earlier in the season, Como chairman Enrico Preziosi suggested there was a conspiracy against his team and yesterday’s events did little to dissuade him of this opinion.

“Evidently there’s no room for us in the Serie A,’ he said afterwards.

‘The first penalty kick was invented, the second was clearbut it was only a consequence of that bad decision. Calcio is sick, and if this is not dishonesty or bad faith, then there’s plenty of incompetence.

‘After the wrongs we suffered, it was clear that the fans would have heated up. They asked me to retire the team, but obviously I couldn’t do that. However, there’s something wrong in Calcio and Saccani proved it once again”