West Ham striker Paolo di Canio looks to be on his way out of Upton Park after launching a tirade against West Ham amanager Glenn Roeder.

Di Canio reacted angrily after Roeder substituted him just minutes into the second half of the club’ 2-1 win against their relegation rivals West Brom.

‘I am very angry at the way I was substituted,’ said Di Canio.

‘The manager said that hethought I was injured and that was his reason for taking me off. But that is just an excuse because I wasn’t injured.

‘I was fit and causing problems for West Brom. So I can’t understand his decision. We were 1-0 up when I came off with the game in our hands, so his decision wasn’t justified.’

‘David James had nothing to do until the manager took me off,’ he added. ‘Then we lost our way.

‘Maybe it is because the club have told my agents that they can look for another club for me next season and this is part of their plan,’ the Italian said.

‘I’m so angry, not because I was substituted but because of the principle. Nobody can decide if I’m injured or not, even the manager.

‘I’m an experienced player and I know when I’m OK, nobody else.’

‘Glenn Roeder is still a young manager and he makes mistakes,’ he continued.

‘Just because we won it doesn’t mean that his decisions were all good ones. It would be a big mistake to think like that. After all we are still third from bottom.

‘The win at West Brom was a fantastic result but we must not kid ourselves because we were very, very lucky. Our second-half tactics were bad and we were very fortunate not to have lost.’