Marco Di Vaio, who was dropped from the Valencia squad falling a bust-up with coach Antonio Lopez, believes he is being victimised by the club.

The Italian striker has been left out of the first team squad after reacting angrily to his substitution in a 0-0 draw against Mallorca.

“I was pulled off after 55 minutes,” said Di Vaio in Corriere dello Sport. “It was 0-0 and, sincerely, I was the only player causing problems for their defence.

“I asked the coach twice why I had to come off, the answer was he wanted to put a midfielder on.

“Once I got to the bench I insisted on a proper explanation. He answered me angrily and I kicked a bottle.

“At the end of the match we talked and again ended up shouting.

“It seems absurd to put a midfielder on and take me off with the game at 0-0.

“He told me about the decision to suspend me and, what can I say? I’m angry. I think there is a pretext to this whole incident.

“I have been brought off after an hour in four matches and in the last three matches I had scored three times.

“I’ve always said I wanted to stay with Valencia, but now I am suspended and I need the officials to talk to me.”