Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho says Didier Drogba is not leaving Stamford Bridge while Andrii Shevchenko, a potential replacement for the Ivory coast striker, is unlikely to leave Milan.

Drogba was quoted in British media as saying he wanted to leave the English champions because he was fed up with the treatment he recieved in the press.

“The situation is that he (Drogba) has two more years of a contract with Chelsea and he is one of the players we consider not negotiable, so he has no chance to leave,” Mourinho told a news conference.

“He has to play for Chelsea and, if he plays with happiness, then fantastic because we get the best of him. If he doesn’t play with happiness, he doesn’t play. It’s his problem.”

Mourinho has taken the same line with France defender William Gallas who says he wants to leave.

Shevchenko said last week he was considering leaving Milan after seven years and Mourinho said he would like to buy him.

“We would like to bring him but he is a Milan player,” added Mourinho. “He has a long-term contract with Milan so Milan has the power in their hands like we have the power with Drogba.

“My feeling is that they don’t want to sell him and they will keep him. They are a big, big club so can say, ‘We don’t sell, we want to keep.’

“That is my feeling but yes, I like the player and I would like to have the player here.”