Roma midfielder Emerson says he is keen to move to to Juventus, despite the opportunity to join Real Madrid.

“I want to go to Juventus and I think that is the sensible choice,” Emerson told Wednesday’s Gazzetta dello Sport.

Juventus last week former Roma coach Fabio Capello as their new boss and the Brazilian is expected to become one of the new coach’s first signings.

However, there have been reports that Emerson was on the verge of joining Real Madrid.

“I’ve heard about (the agreement) but why didn’t they inform me first? It seems a strange one to me,” said Emerson.

“I hope that Juve and Roma will reach an agreement as soon as possible. I don’t think it is fair to make a big issue out of this. I just ask that they let me go,” he said.

“Juventus have been clear right from the outset and won my confidence right away,” added Emerson.

“I have to admit that this coincidence pleases me a lot. I already know Capello’s qualities and I have always found it wonderful to work with him. Juve couldn’t have made a better choice.’