Liechtenstein have been given until 1100 (GMT) to convince UEFA that their match with England should go ahead.

The game is in doubt due to security concerns that the England team could be targeted by terrorists angered by the outbreak of hostilities in the Middle East.

UEFA director of communications Mike Lee confirmed the hosts are concerned about the policing of the match.

“We have to look at all the options if there is a reason why the game can’t go ahead,” he said.

“Cleary the Liechtenstein FA want the game to be played but they have expressed fears.”

Meanwhile, Fredi Hilti, vice-president of the Liechtenstein FA, confirmed his organnisation were unsure whether the game should ahead.

“Since the start of the war the security situation has changed. We have the England team coming to play here and England is involved in the war.”

David Davies, acting chief executive at the FA said:. “Security for the players comes first.

“We want the game to go ahead, but at this stage we leave that to UEFA. “No one could have predicted events in Iraq when the game was arranged.”