UEFA have escaped ground closure but have been fined 150,000 Swiss francs (£70,000) following crowd trouble at last month’s Euro 2004 qualifier at home to Turkey.

Given the record of Emgland supporters in recent years, there were fears that they would be fporced to play their EURO 2004 qualifier against Slovaki, behind closed doors. However, Europe’s governing body hasopted to fine the English Football Association.

England were punished for the racist chanting of their supporters during the match against Turtkey and also for the pitch invasions that followed both of their goals in that game.

UEFA spokesman Mike Lee said it was the largest fine ever handed out by the governing body over a racist abuse charge.

A UEFA statement read: “Consideringall the available evidence and the track record of the English FA on these issues the control and disciplinary body imposed a fine of 150,000 Swiss Francs (œ70,000) which is the highest ever for a racism related charge.”