Fifa president Sepp Blatter has recommended that Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien’s agent, Fabien Piveteau, be suspended.

Piveteau is awaiting an appeal hearing for financial irregularities over Essien’s move from Bastia to Lyon.

“The French Football Federation could (suspend him),” Blatter told The Guardian newspaper.

“They could suspend this agent until the moment when the (appeal) decision is finally taken.”

Piveteau was convicted in May of being an accessory to the diversion of funds during Essien’s move from Bastia to Lyon in 2003.

He received a two-year suspended sentence, against which he immediately appealed and is currently awaiting the outcome of the hearing.

Christophe Drouvroy, the FFF’s deputy legal director, said no action could be taken until the appeal had been concluded.

“French law forbids that someone may hold a licence as a players’ agent if he is definitely condemned; ipso facto, he would be stripped of his licence,” he said.

Essien’s 2003 transfer originally became the subject of an investigation by the French fraud squad as part of an inquiry into the alleged terrorist activities of a Corsican separatist, Charles Pieri.