A tense week ahead for the England as they bid to qualify for Euro 2008, but with more perms than a hairdressers Andy Newton guides you through how they can make it. Click here!

Group A
A victory over Belgium will guarantee Poland a place at the Euro 2008 finals, though Portugal, Serbia and Finland could take top spot from them. Finland take on Portugal in their final group game, which could turn out to be the decider.

17.11.07 Finland v Azerbaijan
17.11.07 Poland v Belgium
17.11.07 Portugal v Armenia
17.11.07 Serbia v Kazakhstan
21.11.07 Armenia v Kazakhstan
21.11.07 Azerbaijan v Belgium
21.11.07 Portugal v Finland
21.11.07 Serbia v Poland

Group B
Scotland will qualify if they beat Italy in their final qualification game on Saturday at Hampden Park.If Scotland lose, they are out.

If Scotland draw, then their hopes depend on Ukraine beating France in the final set of group matches on 21 November. If they have drawn, a point for France in Ukraine would put Scotland out and meaning Italy and France go through.

17.11.07 Lithuania v Ukraine
17.11.07 Scotland v Italy
21.11.07 Georgia v Lithuania
21.11.07 Italy v Faroe Is
21.11.07 Ukraine v France

Group C
Holders Greece are through to next year’s finals after securing at least a top-two place. It’s a straight fight between Norway and Turkey for the second qualifying spot with two games to go. The two countries meet on Saturday and a draw in that match will suit Norway as they would then require just a win over Malta in their final game to ensure qualification.

17.11.07 Greece v Malta
17.11.07 Moldova v Hungary
17.11.07 Norway v Turkey
21.11.07 Hungary v Greece
21.11.07 Malta v Norway
21.11.07 Turkey v Bosnia & Herz

Group D
Germany and the Czech Republic have already qualified.

17.11.07 Czech Rep v Slovakia
17.11.07 Germany v Cyprus
17.11.07 Wales v Rep Ireland
21.11.07 Cyprus v Czech Rep
21.11.07 Germany v Wales
21.11.07 San Marino v Slovakia

Group E
England look like being the highest ranked side not to qualify. Their progress is now out of their own hands with Russia qualifying if they beat Israel on Saturday and Andorra next Wednesday.

If Russia lose in Israel, then England need only to draw (or win) against Croatia in their final match. If Russia draw in Israel, then England will need to beat Croatia in their final match to go through.

There is one other faint hope for England. If Croatia lose in Macedonia, then an England win over the Croats by a three-goal margin will put them above their rivals.

17.11.07 Andorra v Estonia
17.11.07 Israel v Russia
17.11.07 Macedonia v Croatia
21.11.07 Andorra v Russia
21.11.07 England v Croatia
21.11.07 Israel v Macedonia

Group F
Sweden and Spain look poised to go through from Group F. Denmark and Northern Ireland in joint third spot must win both of their remaining matches. Anything less and they are out. If Spain beat Sweden on Saturday, two wins for either country will still put them through, but only if Latvia win in Sweden in the final qualifying match on 21 November.

17.11.07 Latvia v Liechtenstein
17.11.07 N Ireland v Denmark
17.11.07 Spain v Sweden
21.11.07 Denmark v Iceland
21.11.07 Spain v N Ireland
21.11.07 Sweden v Latvia

Group G
Romania have qualified. Holland will join them at Euro 2008 with a win from their last two games against Luxembourg or Belarus, or if Bulgaria drop points in their remaining two matches.

17.11.07 Albania v Belarus
17.11.07 Bulgaria v Romania
17.11.07 Holland v Luxembourg
21.11.07 Belarus v Holland
21.11.07 Romania v Albania
21.11.07 Slovenia v Bulgaria

A tense week ahead for the England as they bid to qualify for Euro 2008, but with more perms than a hairdressers Andy Newton guides you through how they can make it. Click here!