The Football Association has refused to confirm reports that Mark Bosnich has tested positive for cocaine.

The out-of-favour Chelsea keeper is thought to have tested positive last month and according to reports, a second sample has confirmed the discovery of traces of cocaine.

An FA spokesman said: “The FA has no comment to make whatsoever about this case.”

Bosnich was diagnosed as suffering from severe clinical depression following the reports that he may have tested positive.

A statement released by the player’s agent, read: “Mark Bosnich has been diagnosed as suffering from severe clinical depression.”

“On medical advice he was admitted to a depression unit of a medical facility to obtain treatment for that depression.

“It would not usually be appropriate to release this type of information, which is private in nature, but it has been decided to do so on this occasion to prevent speculation.”

If Bosnich has tested positive, he faces being sacked by Chelsea. The FA could impose a two-year suspension on theplayer although they may be more lenient if the Australian undergoes rehabilitation.