Football Association chairman Greg Dyke still supports Michel Platini for the Fifa Presidency, but admits the Frenchman must answer questions over a controversial payment he received from Sepp Blatter.

Uefa president Platini has come under scrutiny following the revelation that he received a 2 million Swiss Franc payment ( £1.3million) in 2011 for work he carried out for Blatter more than nine years previously. Platini claimed he did not get paid at the time because football’s governing body was then experiencing financial problems.

Dyke initially expressed his support for Platini, but his backing has been questioned by Damian Collins MP, the founder of the New FIFA Now campaign group.

Collins told Sky Sports News: “Greg Dyke is the man who sits at the FIFA Congress, representing the Football Association, and who has relations with senior people at UEFA. Why is it that they have given Michel Platini their support? Is it unconditional? What would it take for that support to be withdrawn?

“I think many people want to know why the FA nailed their colours to the mast of backing Michel Platini before even the nominations for the presidential elections have closed.”

Dyke insists he had confirmed some weeks ago to the Culture, Media and Sport select committee that he will speak to them about the issues surrounding Fifa.

He said: “We have agreed some time ago that we will go to the committee and talk about Fifa and I’m happy to go and explain where we are and why we are there – no problem.

“It was a decision by the whole board to support Mr Platini, however recent events have raised a number of issues which do need to be looked at.”