Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand believes that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger should acknowledge that the best team in the country won the Premier League title.

Wenger claimed his side are still the best in England, despite United clinching the Premiership title at the weekend.

However, Ferdinand argues that the United’s record in England and Europe this season, leaves little doubt as to which team is the strongest.

‘I have the greatest respect for Arsenal and would never put other teams down like that. It is not a very professional way to behave,’ Ferdinand told The Sun.

‘Mr Wenger says they are better than us but the league table doesn’t get it wrong. It says we are the best side – and we also went further in the Champions League.’

‘We never responded to what theywere saying during the season and just got on with our job. The best way to be is to let your football do the talking.

‘We have done that and I think Arsenal should recognise our achievement. If it had been the other way round I would have said ‘well done’ to them and accepted they were the best.’

Ferdinand was full of praise for his own manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

‘The man just lives for winning,’ Ferdinand said.

‘People said the boss had lost his desire but if that had been the case, I’m sure he would have jacked the job in.

‘But he didn’t. He wanted more trophies and you cannot buy his winning mentality. He knows what it is all about better than anyone and his record is second to none.

‘He’s had a few strong words at times this season and if things aren’t going right, he lets you know about it.

‘As long as you listen and take it on board, you can’t go wrong.

‘It’s magnificent to be a title winner. He spent a lot of money on me and I’m grateful he had so much faith.’